About Us

Well, anyone been to Malaysia knows it's foodie heaven. Period.  

Before fusion was even a thing, Malaysians have been blending Malay, Chinese, Indian and Thai culinary skills and ingredients together creating some of the most delicious and mind-blowing dishes the world have ever tasted.

As some of you may know we are a street food business serving Malaysian street food, specifically Nasi Kerabu on the street of London since August 2019.

Eat Lah’s goal is to take the idea of Malaysian cuisine and create exciting and delicious food. 


Rob- he cooks lah

Growing up at his dad's takeaway and restaurant, he vowed that he would never get back to F&B and worked as CAD Technician. Then he got bored and started food vlogging and cooking channel called Yummy Jubbly.

 It didn't take him too long to realise his true calling is actually cooking and years fast forward he's now running Eat Lah stall since June 2019. 


Mel - THE wife

Camera shy but the proud Kelantanese (anok Kelate) that makes Rob run Eat Lah stall so that she can cure her cravings for hometown food.

She runs an online succulent plant store  but you can find her on the weekends so pop by to practice your Malay or Kelate with her.