Our Journey

Similar to others, our journey hasn't been a walk in the park, particularly when transitioning from construction backgrounds to office roles in London for nearly a decade.. Throughout this transition, we faced numerous challenges and learned from our mistakes. However, we were fortunate to trade at renowned London spots like the Gherkins, Canary Wharf, and King's Cross during the early stages of our launch in 2019.

In 2020, despite the challenges of Covid-19 and staying at home, Rob explored home cooking while Mel perfected her karipap pusing. During this time, we launched online meal kits, sauces, sambal jars, and collaborated with Malaysian artists on merchandise. The excitement continued with the introduction of the kuih muih dessert box. Luckily, we resumed trading at LLoyd Park and Victoria Park in June 2020 with overwhelming support.


In 2021, facing temporary closures due to the second Covid lockdown, we seized the opportunity to launch Chinese New Year meal kits and pineapple tarts. September 2021 marked the opening of our second store at Canteen Hall in Greenwich, expanding our presence through Kerb events and summer festivals.

2022 brought significant changes. We bid farewell to both the Boxpark store in May 😥 and the Canteen Hall store in September 😭 due to challenges from poor decisions and hiring practices. However, we ventured into a pub residency at City Island and got a warehouse/prep kitchen by the year's end. Additionally, we welcomed a baby boy 👶 during this eventful year.

In 2023, we secured a summer spot at the National Theatre, introducing a Chinese Malaysian menu featuring signature dishes like char siu rice bowls and Nasi lemak bao. We also started offering canapé events and company lunch menus. Our initial family trip to Malaysia post-Covid was filled with joy from reuniting with loved ones and friends. It also sparked ideas to innovate and broaden our business ventures.

As of 2024, we are dedicated to refining our skills daily while balancing parenthood. Despite encountering challenges over the last five years and gaining insights from various mistakes, we are thankful for the opportunities that have come our way. This year we are working on innovate our brands and new projects, so if you have read until this far, thank you for following our journey so far and hope we could serve you with our new menu soon!