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Beef Rendang

I first learnt how to make chicken rendang when I was in Malaysia in 2019 at a cooking class. 

This is a rich, thick and decadent dish that will be perfect with some freshly cooked rice, coconut rice or even roti, and if you're a fan of coconuty flavours, you are in for a treat! 

The sauce calls for a range of fresh and dry ingredients cooked down until its dark and rich with the flavours intensify to an all-new level.  

We have created a paste that takes away the hassle of finding all the ingredients and hours of cooking and put it in a jar.

This recipe will cook two generous portions.


Cooking time: 20min

1 - Season 4 pieces of boneless, chicken thighs with salt and pepper and a light dusting of flour. 

2 - On medium-high heat, add 1 tablespoon of oil and grilled the chicken tight until golden brown on the surface. The chicken doesn't have to be cooked through yet, we will continue to cook the chicken with the sauce later. Cook the chicken in batches if you have a smaller pan so that the chicken will brown nicely. 

3 - Once the chicken is nicely brown, set aside for later.

4 - In the same pan, scoop half a jar of rendang paste and cook on low heat, this is to wake the ingredients and give it a nice toasty flavour.

5 - Add 150ml of water and bring to heat on medium-high

6 - Once it starts to simmer, add the chicken along with the resting juice. Cook on medium heat uncovered until chicken is cooked through and when the sauce has thicken up. This takes about 10minutes. 

7 - Once the sauce is rich, creamy and thick is it ready, if the sauce has reduced too much, just add a splash of water to loosen it. 

8 - Serve hot with rice. This dish will also be very tasty with our Sambal and Asian Cucumber pickles. You can purchase the Rendang bundle to get recreate this meal at home.