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NEW - Eat Lah Snack Asian Snack Box

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The Eat Lah snack box is finally here and it's perfect to satisfy any cravings when you get the munchies. 

The snack box has a combination of sweet and savoury treats, we even took an Asian twist on some classics like cinnamon rolls and panna cotta. 

We are also including the Malaysian staple Karipap Pusing, a double-layered pastry wrapped around the spicy and rich curry potatoes and egg fillings. 

Kuih, treats you can find in every corner in Malaysia, our Kuih Talam is made with the classic coconut and pandan, a chewy and bouncy texture, amazing! 

We're taking an Asian twist on a classic cinnamon roll, made with fresh pandan leaves juice, the roll has an amazing pandan fragrance, to make it extra special, it's glazed with coconut icing glazed and topped with coconut flakes. 

What you get in the box: 

 - 2 x Pandan cinnamon rolls with coconut icing glaze

- 4 x Homemade Karipap Pusing (Potatoes and egg) 

- 4 x Kuih Talam, a Malaysian sweet treat streamed layer by layer

- 2 x Pandan Panna Cotta with Gula Melaka Syrup

- 1 x Bag of spicy prawn cracker


All ingredients are halal-friendly

Ingredients and allergen

Cinnamon Rolls: Flour (Wheat), Butter (Dairy), egg, milk (Dairy), yeast, water, sugar, salt, coconut, icing sugar, cinnamon, pandan

Karipap Pusing: Flour (Wheat), Butter (Dairy), Vegetable oil, water, potatoes, salt, turmeric, curry powder, egg, peas, carrot 

Kuih Talam: Tapioca flour, Rice flour, Mung Bean flour, coconut milk, sugar, water, pandan

Prawn Crackers: Tapioca Starch Shrimps (crustacean), Garlic, Sugar, Salt, Pepper,