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Limited Edition: Pineapple Tart (upto 30)

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Using real pineapples and gula melaka, the fillings took hours to cook to get to the right texture and consistency that we prefer. There are so many types of pineapple tart in the market, but we still favours this version, although there are extra works to get to this size but Mel insists pineapple tart should be buttery, crumbly and on just 'one bite' basis, well technically, it should be melt in your mouth while there is still some texture. 

Did you know that in the Hokkien dialect, the word pineapple pronounce as ong-lai 旺来, which means ‘prosperity are arriving’?  Therefore, it is a must to have in almost every house during CNY. Mel loves the idea so much that we have a pineapple shaped lamp on the door front and we have it on the whole night on CNY eve... 

It comes in a recyclable tin (17x13x6cm) and fit approximate around 28-30 tarts.

Ingredients: Pineapple, cinnamon sticks, sugar, palm sugar, butter, flour, egg