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Seasonal Homemade Bak Zhang with Chicken or Pork

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Available from 23/01/23 


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New to the Eat Lah store, unlike our other Zong Zi, this fully loaded version has the seasoned glutinous rice wrapped in some amazing ingredients like roasted chestnuts, shiitake mushrooms, salted duck egg yolk and either pork or chicken (halal). 

Perfect lunch alongside with some sambal or chilli oil. 

Freezable so you always have some in whenever you have that craving!

To prepare, it's as simple as just steaming it on high for about 20 minutes, when you unwrap it you'll get that fragrance from the bamboo leaves that seeped its flavour and fragrance into the glutinous rice.

Please note that the halal zong zi are cooked and prepared separately from non-halal zong zi. 

So just in case you are wondering why these seasonal, well these are actually prepared by Rob's parents whom are extremely good at wrapping the zong (they have been wrapping for over 30++ years).