Nasi Kerabu

pronounce as Nah-si Ker-rah-buu

from Kelantan (Northeast of Peninsula Malaysia), means Salad Rice or Herb Rice in Malaysian.


So why the rice is BLUE?

The signature blue is a result of butterfly pea flower and we cook the rice with pandan leaves, galangal, kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass to give the herbaceous fragrance. In a way it's a supercharged rice don't you think?


The Healthy Bits:

Consists of red cabbage, cucumber, laksa leaves, coriander, kaffir lime leave, lemongrass and ginger torch flower. 

While aromatic herbs provide the top notes, vegetables form the base of the green symphony. The finesse of the cook is measured by the way the herbs and vegetables are cut – the more finely they are shredded, the classier the look.


The Flavour:

The umami fishy taste comes from Budu, fermented fish sauce comes all the way from Kelantan and that's our secret weapon 



To challenge your palette even further we top the dish wtih toasted, grated coconut, fish crackers and our homemade sambal oelek (Malaysian shrimp chili paste). 


Did you know that Nasi Kerabu was originated from Southern Thailand  and Kelantan was once part of Thailand? It's first introduced as Khao Jam of which the rice was tinted with green herbs but local has since then modified and tinted the rice with blue pea flowers, served with colourful salad and herb.